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Crimean excursions

‘Fairy Tale’ (‘Skazka’) Zoo

Excursion route:

Katsiveli – Yalta – returning back

Type of excursion:

country trip, automobile (bus or car) and walking tour.


depends on your wish, 3 km walking.


- Independent / excursion;
- Comfortable sporting shoes;
- A bottle of water and a camera;
- It is obligatory to follow the rules in menageries.

Zoo hours of service: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. in summer; 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. in winter. Ticket office: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Entrance ticket to the zoo: 100 hrn for an adult; 50 hrn for a child.
Aquarium hours of service: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. in summer.
Entrance ticket to the aquarium: 60 hrn for an adult; 30 hrn for a child.

Excursions in Crimea is one of the main reasons why guests from the CIS countries visit our peninsula every year.

The zoo is situated at the entrance to Yalta along the Pivdennoberezhne highway, in front of the shopping center ‘Confetti’ (a turn to the up). Visiting the ‘Fairy Tale’ (‘Skazka’) Zoo situated in the picturesque corner of the Crimean Mountains will diversify your vacations with children in Crimea. This is the first and the only private menagerie. It does not get any financial support from the state, and all its work is based on persistence and diligence of people who like animals. It is allowed to feed animals in the zoo, however using only definite products being sold at the entrance. There are pink pelicans surrounding you, these birds are friendly, however take care anyway. He tourists get a map of the zoo together with the ticket to be well-oriented and not to miss anything. The residents of the Fairy Tale Zoo have been brought from all the corners of the planet. They live in open-air cages situated on the grounds on different levels, and feel rather comfortable.

Many overseas animals have become indigenous residents of the southern coast. They have descendants and live in whole families. There are more than 100 species of animals and more than 600 inhabitants in the menagerie. Some animals are protected by the Ukrainian Laws and are included into the International Red Book. The animals are classified and are placed on the grounds of different levels, so the visitors can compare what the differences between, for instance, one species of monkey and another are. There is an interesting fact: each resident has its name written on the board, so you can memorize those animals you liked by the names. The territory is green, the music is always on here, some animals are free to walk along the lanes, for example, peacocks, hens, and pigs. Your vacations with children in Crimea will stay in your memory for a long time because you may take pictures right in the cage with newborn tigers or lions.

Here are only some of the residents of the zoo: a cheetah, an Asiatic black bear, a sloth, a parrot, a puma, an Amur bear, a kangaroo, a squirrel, a lion, monkeys, snakes, a crocodile, an ostrich, a giraffe, a turtle, hamsters, a leopard, a zebra, an eagle, pelicans, an Amur tiger, a wolf, a camel. We advise more curious visitors of great endurance to see the underwater world exhibition. In 2007 next to the entrance to the zoo the Sea Aquarium was opened which is designed as a shark with an open mouth. Have you ever got into the shark’s mouth? Now you have an opportunity to be even inside its belly. Inhabitants of tropical seas live behind the glass of big aquariums. The aquarium can be proud of a big number of marine inhabitants and more than 100 fishes.

Here you may find your familiar characters: a fish ‘Nemo’, bright fishes of cays, a piranha, backwaters, a spurdog, a moray eel, and fishes of the Black Sea.

Make your vacations in Yalta educational, interesting and magical like a fairy tale. Visit the Fairy Tale Zoo and the Sea Aquarium!