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Crimean excursions

Vorontsov Palace in Alupka

Excursion route:

Katsiveli – Alupka (center) - Katsiveli

Type of excursion:

urban, combined (bus and walking tour).


30 by bus on the way, 45 minutes walking along the park + 40 minutes of excursion inside the palace (if desired).


comfortable shoes, a camera; the excursion inside the palace is for additional payment.

Excursions in Crimea would not be complete without visiting the Vorontsov Palace. This architecture masterpiece of the XVI century gladdens the eyes of the guests and residents of the southern coast even today. This palace looks like a finishing motif of the natural landscape of Alupka. The pictures on the background of this palace will diversify your picture collections under the name ‘My vacations in Crimea’.

The architecture of the palace combines an interconnected stylistic chain.

The creation by Edward Blore meets us with its grand doors, and the façade designed in European medieval style performs a perfect photo session background function. The Western façade dates back to the Tudor architecture with massive walls and peaked towers. There are monumental stairs with majestic lions lying under the sun (William Hunt used local diabase in his work) leading to the southern façade designed in the eastern Moresque. The southern entrance reminds a mosque by its form with fretter ornaments and a figured arch with an oracular inscription in Arabic: “There is no other winner but Allah”. The excursion inside the palace will familiarize you with a pointed style. There are more than fifty sculptures and pictures among which you may find Aivasovsky’s landscapes and Rokotov’s portraits. The winter garden in the palace is very light. Its main decoration is the fountain.

The park stretching out to 40 hectares creates an architectural ensemble with the palace. The park is also an architect sightseeing: many efforts have been spent to provide the water supply systems for the lakes and waterfalls.

The palace park is designed in Italian gardens styles with virgin nature elements of such called ‘minor chaos’. The upper park creates an illusion of a virgin nature by means of, curiously enough, hard human’s work. There are more than 200 species of trees and bushes collected, with rather rare specimens. A mother of Pinocchio lives here – an Italian pine tree which was used by the father Carlo who carved this wooden puppet.

And do not let your vacations in Crimea with children be an obstacle to get to know new and interesting things!