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Vacations in Crimea with children
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Vacations in Crimea with children

Crimea is an ideal place for family vacations with children.

Many people do not even suspect that Katsiveli has a unique microclimate. Guests of the peninsula surprisingly find out that it is sunny and warm in Katsiveli even in winter, when it is snowy or rainy in Yalta and even Simeiz. The mountains and the sea exert a significant influence on the Katsiveli climate. The mountains protect it from cold air streams from the north, north-east, and north-west. The sea moderates the temperature in Katsiveli ftom the south. Katsiveli is situated lower than Yalta, so there are more sunny days here, the winds are softer, the rains and fogs are less frequent, and the air temperature is higher. That is why Katsiveli was a place of scientific life concentration at the peninsula for a long time.

There is a storm basin at the Marine Hydrophysical Institute of the Science Academy of Ukraine, the Oceanographic platform and the department of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory having a white dish which has become a decoration for a rocky landscape of Katsiveli.

A mild subtropical climate in combination with the air filled with marine iodine, pine, juniper and cypress notes is a real fount of health for children of any age. Add there warm sea water and complete absence of rains, and you will get optimal conditions for family vacations both with infants and elder kids. So, not without purpose it is the southern Crimean coast where the majority of sanatoria for children with chronic diseases of respiratory tracts and cardiovascular system are concentrated.

It possible to have a rest in Katsiveli all year long. The summer season is more than four month long here: from the middle of May and till the end of September. Wide, with no crowds, from small and middle-sized pebbles beaches of Katsiveli are well-known with its comfortable and low grades into the sea that lets to have vacations here even with the smallest kids. For a comfortable family rest with infants we recommend to choose the period from the beginning of June till the middle of July when the air temperature is not so high.

We have created all conditions in Alexandria Hotel in Katsiveli to have comfortable vacations with children of any age.

For our guests who plan family vacations with children we recommend to pay attention to the One Room Suite and the Two Rooms Suite.