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Crimean excursions

The Toplovsky Convent

Excursion route:

(from Katsiveli to Simeiz individually) – Simeiz – Yalta – Simferopol – Belogorsk – the Convent (holy springs).

Type of excursion:

country trip, automobile and walking tour.


10-11 hours (3 hours on foot and 1 hour to have dinner).


  • comfortable shoes, accessories for bathing in fonts;
  • apparel corresponding to visit the convent: a headwear, a long skirt, high-necked clothing;
  • a bottle for holy water.

Excursions in Crimea can have not only an entertaining but also enlightening nature. That is why the excursion has a religious sense because Crimea is a land of rich Christian history and sacred places.

The Toplovsky Convent was founded in 1864 in Topolevka settlement. When the Soviet authorities came the convent stopped its existence, and only in 1993 it continued its sacred activities. Annually the sacred place is visited by thousands of pilgrims. It is considered that the Holy Paraskeva and George springs have a healing power. These miracle-working springs help people who believe in their power to heal diseases connected with women’s diseases (infertility), nervous system diseases, as well as eyes, head, joints, and locomotive system diseases.

The atmosphere in the convent is pacifying. You will have some free time for an individual walk and visiting several churches (the Church in the Name of the Mother of God and others). Near the grave of hegumenness Paraskeva you may write a note with requests. According to popular believes she helps those people who need it most of all. To make all your wishes come true it is necessary to believe truly in the power of wonder-workers and to realize all your requests. Bathing in fonts also has a magic power. You have to be prepared to the cold water with the temperature of 10-12 degrees Celsius, and your wishes and requests for you and your family and friends should be pronounces in the water together with the prayer, so be ready to this! Many people are returning there again, and others stay here for several days to experience the effects of this sacred place. There are hostels for this.

Holidays in Crimea are a unique opportunity to become yourself because diversity of our land will give you a feeling of being in the right place at the right time!