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Crimean excursions

To the Ai-Petri teeth

Excursion route:

excursion bus takes a group in these settlements: Simeiz – Alupka – Mishor – Yalta – Ai-Petri – returning back.

Type of excursion:

country trip, automobile and walking tour.

Length of excursion:

5 hours (1 hour to walk along the teeth, and a story of a guide).


- Excursion / individual;
- Boots or sneakers, a headband, and a camera.

Excursion in Crimea is an opportunity to get to know a rich culture, an amazing nature, and multiple sightseeing of Crimea. Ai-Petri Mountain (‘Saint Peter’ in translation) is definitely one of the most fascinating routs for tourists: a walking tour to the top, within in a group by bus, as well as using a Cable Car. There is a magnificent view to the suburbs of Big Yalta. The highest point here is 1234 meters above the sea level (it is easy to remember: 1, 2, 3, 4).

After getting to the plateau, one may find that things are really zipping along here! Smells of shashlik, pilau, Eastern spices, and wine in barrels are attracting the visitors, and the mountain air whet an appetite even more. Everyone can find an entertainment here: a souvenir market, excursions along the mountains and caves valley, taking pictures with interesting animals and birds on the wonderful background. Other popular activities here are riding horses, camels, driving mountain cars and bikes. This is here where a ski resort is organized in winter: six routs from 120 to 1030 meters length.

If you go by an excursion bus you will be surprised by twisting slopes of the road. The reason is that it is situated on the rock, and its angle of rotation is 180 degrees. That is why it is called ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’. Especially beautiful view to the road is opened up from the upper points. During 30 years a field engineer battalion under the leadership of an engineer I.S. Shishko was building 22 kilometers (14 miles) of the road. On your way you will see a weather station here, as well as an interesting building – a cast-iron globe, so called ‘Ai-Petri meridian’, and through the protected pine forest you will get to the highest waterfall in Ukraine Uchan-Su (translated from the Crimean Tartar language as ‘flying water’) of 98 meters high, which is twice higher than the Niagara waterfall. Another way to get to the mountain, which is no less extreme but even more fascinating, is a cableway Miskhor - Ai-Petri (a station in Miskhor along the lower highway to the Vorontsov Palace), which is included into the Guinness World Record Book for the uniqueness of its construction. It is separated into two levels. A half-way station is between them where the passengers take another carriage. There is no any supporting tower along the whole distance, that’s why there is a feeling of flying which captivates you along both the lifting and the lowering.

Vacations in Crimea are associated with visiting such famous sightseeing as Ai-Petri, the Swallow’s Nest, and the Vorontsov Palace. This is a minimal program for any tourist in Yalta.