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Crimean excursions

Suiren Fortress Ruins

Excursion route:

Miskhor – Simeiz – Laspi – Ternovka – Bakhchisarai – the Cheltyr-Castle Monastery – returning back.

Type of excursion:

country trip, automobile and walking tour.


8:30 hours (3 hours for the excursion and 1 hour for rest).


- comfortable shoes (boots or athletic shoes);
- Comfortable (camp) apparel, and a headwear;
- Some water and a camera.

Today our route within the program ‘Excursions in Crimea’ will be in Bakhchisarai direction.

The Belbek canyon is one of the most picturesque geomorphological formations which should definitely be visited. This is a natural reserve charming with the mountain sculptures complex which formed natural statues under the influence of wind. And your imagination is able to finish the plot envisaging them to be Sphinxes or gigantic lizards. The most full-flowing and majestic river of Crimea Belbek (length 63 km) gives the landscape more effect.

This place served as a defensive installation for medieval people, and the Suiren fortress ruins are a confirmation of this fact (translated from the Crimean-Tartar as a ‘sharp pike’). The tower is situated on the Kule-Burun cape. This castle is considered to be the most mysterious of all the cave cities. Its mysteriousness attracts thousands of tourists to these places. This historic monument, a creation of Byzantine architects, belongs to the medieval epoch of the VIII century. The tower as a defensive installation continues the ancient cities fortification motif: Eski-Kermen, Mangup-Kale, and Chufut-Kale. By the way, you may order the excursions in Crimea to these cave cities in the Alexandria hotel as well.

There is a Cheltyr-Koba Monastery not far from the Suiren fortress ruins which was founded in the VI-VIII centuries and existed until the beginning of the XV century. The cave temple is situated in one of the natural grottos. There was a font, an altar, cells and a refectory. Those times it was considered to be a significant temple with many pilgrims.

The river provides the valley with water well. So these lands are famous for its vegetation, and the harvests of grape have always been rich there.

We invite you to make a wonderful trip to the past, and excursions in Crimea will become such a time machine allowing you to overcome centuries and to get closer to the historical ancestral lands of our forefathers!