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SPA Center

Spa procedures

Modern tendencies in cosmetology development are mostly directed to using organic constituents and natural ingredients. And many clients of SPA centers in Crimea addressed to anti-cellulite wrappings using algae, chocolate, and mineral therapeutic muds. In the Alexandria hotel complex we suggest a wide range of SPA treatments.

Anti-cellulite Program “Algae”

Phase 1. Peeling with a peeling salt (laminaria, fucus).
Phase 2. Warming your body up with a massage crème “Fucus”.
Phase 3. Wrapping up with micro-ionized algae of focus and laminaria.
Phase 4. Contouring with anti-cellulite emulsion.

Laminaria is unique because it can affect not only the upper layers of epidermis, but also the cells of the whole body. Iodine, silicon, bromine, organic acids, and vitamins A, B, C, D, E contained in it are used as alteratives to normalize metabolism. Laminalia is a perfect remedy to fight against overweight and cellulite.

Fucus is well known as the strongest natural fat burner. Algae rich in Iodine, microelements, amino acids and vitamins help clearing the body of chemical waste and stimulate regeneration of skin cells. Thanks to fucus properties to stimulate blood circulation in hypodermic tissues it is often used in cosmetology to lose weight fast.

Anti-cellulite Therapy “Chocolate&Almonds”

A thermal blanket is used to intensify the effect.

Step 1. Peeling scrub “Chocolate and coffee” (cocoa oil, ground coffee beans, sugarcane, natural salt with sea minerals, starch, honey, and kaolin).
Step 2. Body massage with anti-cellulite chocolate butter (cocoa butter and olive oil, essential oils of grape and orange, and caffeine).
Step 3. Wrapping up with an anti-cellulite mask “Chocolate-almonds” (grated cocoa, almonds and cocoa oils, horsetail, buckeye and laminaria algae extracts, hot pepper and peppermint infusions).
Step 4. Modeling with a sweet mousse (emollient Sepigel, cayenne hot pepper, horsetail, kelp and Daurian larch extracts, cacao powder, water pepperwort leaves gel, caffeine, ascorutin, turpentine oil, and silver citrate).

Rejuvenating and Nourishing Program “Antistress” with White Chocolate

It restores emotional balance, takes off the weariness and irritation, prevents appearance of stretching, smoothens skin, and nourishes it.

Stage 1. Gommage peeling “White Chocolate” which includes bolus alba, goat's milk, micro-ionized cereals flakes, cocoa and shea butter.
Stage 2. Warming your body up with massage lotion and white chocolate containing coconut, cedar, pine and grape oils, cocoa and shea butter, larch extract, essential oils of ylang-ylang, and patchouli.
Stage 3. Mask “Antistress White Chocolate” (cocoa and shea butter, coconut oil, milk cream, tannins, methylxanthine, caffeine, and beeswax).
Stage 4. Nourishing and care with Gladis Mousse (karite, coconut, cocoa, Circassian walnut and macadam nut oils, vanilla, milk-proteins, rosehip infusion, camelina dentate, currants, violets, carrot, nettle,and flagroot extract).

Saki sulphide therapeutic muds

Stage 1. Peeling with Saki salt being extracted from Saki muds.
Stage 2. Warming your body up with massage lotion.
Stage 3. Wrapping with silt sulphide therapeutic mud.
Stage 4. Final care.

Saki silt muds have a unique set of natural active components such as silicon, kali, calcium, copper, iron and magnesium oxides, humic carbon acids, and different mineral compounds. Beauty treatment with Saki muds helps connective tissues fibres resorption that pierces through fat tissues and gives skin tuberous look, i.e. cellulite. Influencing the whole body the muds improve metabolism, normalize hormone background, increase lymph and blood flow, and improve work of all the systems of man’s internals.

SPA procedures are indispensable when correcting the figure. The best SPA centers of Crimea and Yalta have various types of wrapping to better the whole body’s health and solving local problems.