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Crimean excursions

Novyi Svet - Sudak

(Genoese Fortress, Golitsyn’s Path, Novyi Svet Bay)

Excursion route:

Simeiz (from Katsiveli by taxi) – Yalta – Sudak - the Genoese Fortress – the Golitsyn’s Path – the Bay – returning back.

Type of excursion:

country trip, automobile and walking tour.


12 hours (3 hours for the excursion and 1 hour for dinner), it’s a long excursion.


- comfortable shoes (boots or athletic shoes);
- Comfortable (camp) apparel, and a headwear;
- Some water and a camera.

Our excursions in Crimea cover the most surprising corners of Crimea. One of the suggested excursion routes in Crimea leads to the direction of the south-eastern Crimea, namely Sudak!

Sudak is a resort city as well as a center of wine industry. This is one of the oldest cities in Europe; its age is about 18 centuries. The founders of the city are Alans, after them Polovtsians, Khazars, and Turks-Suldzhuks lived there; and before Genoeses came – Mongols./p>

The Genoese Fortress is a visiting card of the region, a unique monument of architecture of the world significance. The fortification building is situated on the ancient coral reef or the Fortress Mountain. The period of active building the fortress is the second half of the XII century. These buildings protected the city from enemies’ attacks. The fortress counts almost 90 towers, and its walls reach 6-8 meters, the thickness is almost two meters and more than two kilometers along the perimeter. The Genoese symbols can be seen on the slabs of the towers. If you are lucky you can find yourself at the annual knights’ tournament (this is a festival of historic reconstruction clubs) which lasts one week. The battles in a medieval spirit take place there: knights in costumes are fighting using swords and are firing cannons.

The Golitsyn’s Path is a historic monument being made in a cliff leading to a big natural grotto (also called ‘Variety Grotto’ or ‘Shaliapin’s Grotto’). In medieval times a Christian monastery was situated there. The remains of frescos of the XIX centuries remind us about this. Much later Duke Golitsyn founded his wine cellar there. There are many arch niches for wine. The duke organized receptions of his invited guests and the best wine sampling from Novyi Svet. Thanks to wonderful acoustics the grotto was used as a stage for performances. The master Fedor Shaliapin has been there. The walk along the path will delight you with beautiful natural landscapes.

A conglomeration of rocks, abrupt slopes of mountain tops, succulent grass of the pine forest, blue scopes of the Novyi Svet Bay will create a colorful background for your pictures. It is possible to see the bay and the walls of the fortress in famous films: ‘Amphibian Man’, ‘Pirates of the XX Century’, ‘Master and Margarita’, ‘3+2’, ‘Sportloto-82’ and others.

If you are bored with lying on the beach, and your vacations in Crimea have become ordinary, then go for new emotions!