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Wine sampling

Wine sampling

For more than 200 years Crimea has been famous for its wine! And together with this the culture of drinking wine (and this is definitely the “culture”) remains on a rather low level in the countries of the CIS. Do the guests of the peninsula know how to drink wine correctly? What to drink it with? Which wine to choose? We could not avoid these questions in Alexandria Hotel.

So on the 5th of August a wine sampling of Crimean wine at Alexandria Hotel took place under the guidance of a sommelier Anatoly Kaposhilov, a famous person in specialized sections of the public.

10 most interesting and typical Crimea wines has been presented during the wine sampling.

According to the words of the guests of the hotel who were present during the wine sampling they have found out many new and interesting things: how to differ the real wine correctly from its fake, even not being an expert in this drink; which mistakes usually people do when choosing a wine; which tricks wine-makers and wine-sellers resort to sell it to gain much; what funny situations happened when producing different types of wine and many other things.

The guests liked the sommelier’s lecture so much that they wrote down each and every word of him not to miss anything important.

Not wishing to let Anatoly go away the guests suggested to continue the wine sampling drinking another rare sample of wine being donated from their personal collection.

Summarizing the wine sampling of Crimean wine both the administration of Alexandria Hotel and their guests concurred that such events should be organized later! Because we still do not know about this wonderful drink so much!