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Crimean excursions

Massandra Palace

(Within the excursion program ‘Everything about Massandra’)

Excursion route:

Katsiveli – Simeiz – Alupka – Yalta – Massandra.
(the 1st stage – visiting the palace);
(the 2nd stage – the degustation complex ‘Massandra’).

Type of excursion:

country trip, automobile and walking tour.


1 hour for visiting the palace (within the excursion program);
1 hour 45 minutes for an excursion in the degustation complex.


- Visiting each object (if desired);
- A jacket, it is cold in the degustation hall (9-11°C, 282-284 K);
- Costs of taking pictures: 10 hrn/a camera, 2 hrn/a picture on your phone;
- Schedule: 9:00 am – 5:15 pm, (10:00 am – 3:45 pm in winter), Monday is a day off;
- Costs of the entrance ticket with an excursion guide: 95 hrn for an adult, 60 hrn for a child.

Wishing to get the ‘Best Tourist’ status you should not limit yourself with an overview program ‘Excursions in Crimea’. Visiting the Massandra Palace will bring you to the legendary knight epoch recreating the stories of the legendary novels by Dumas the Great. It's not for nothing that the first owner of the Palace Earl Voronsov was planning to design it in the Louis XIII style (Louis XIII and Richelieu epoch), i.e. the style of the French baroque of the early Renaissance period.

The Massandra Palace began its history in 1881 under the leadership of the architecture ideas of M.A.Busher. But the same year the building has been stopped because of the Vorontsov’s death. The second period of the building was made under the guidance of M.E.Mesmakher after the order of Alexander III during the period 1892-1902 in a completely different Gothic style. The interior included a smooth and peculiar architecture design: Romantic, Gothic, Baroque, and Classic styles. The main exposition of the king’s palace consists of the attributes of the Alupka funds: painting, furniture, photomaterials, decorative and applied arts – everything that emphasizes the peculiarities of the palace.

The Massandra park is the most beautiful one in Yalta. It was founded by an experienced master of green plantation Karl Kebakh (the same creator of the Vorontsov park). In collaboration with Mesmakher they implemented harmonic combination of architecture and nature using the sculptures, decorative vases, Sphinxes, and Antic chimeras on the terraces and balconies. The oak-hornbeam park was changing its appearance continuously, and in several years completely different trees grew there on the territory of 42 hectares. The park numbers more than 200 exotic trees and bushes species. The main basis of the park is ancient oaks and cypresses. It also has an interesting dendrological collection: cedars, redwoods, relict junipers, Crimean pines etc.

There is a wonderful view to the sea and a wide perspective to the mountains. Massandra grottos which are a chaotic conglomeration of cliffs forming caves are situated in the upper part of the park. There are concrete paths leading to the top of the cliff where you can see a picturesque panorama: the palace looks like being buried in verdure. The park territory is enclosed and guarded. And few people know that this territory also has an esthetic and health-improving sense which is called a ‘terrainkure’. A terrainkure is a physical and health-improving walking climbing the mountain according to the planned routs.

Vacations in Crimea are a perfect opportunity not only to improve the health but also to make complete preventive measures for your body, because there is a whole complex of salubrious natural components!