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Crimean excursions

Excursion to Mangup-Kale

(Cave city Mangup-Kale)

Excursion route:

Miskhor – Alupka – Simeiz – Katsiveli – Laspi – Mangup – returning back.

Type of excursion:

country trip, automobile and walking tour, ascent to the mountain Mangup on foot.


8 hours: 4 hours by bus, 3 hours for the excursion, and 1 hour to have a rest.


  • excursion/individual;
  • comfortable shoes: boots or athletic shoes; a headwear;
  • some water; dinner will take place at a café at Mangup (some sandwiches are allowed).

Excursions in Crimea are an opportunity to conquer another peak in your life – a mountain peak. Mangup-Kale is one of the most prominent monuments of the cave cities of the ancient world. It is situated in Bakhchysarai region. Alans and Sarmats lived there, in the III-VI centuries Goths and Guns did. Mangup is majestically beautiful (600 meter above the sea level, its area is 90 hectares). Its tops are covered with colorful pine trees, and there is a wonderful view from its top to the four capes: the Western Cape (the main one) – Chamly-Burun, the North-Western Cape – Chufut-Burun, the North-Eastern Cape – Gelli-Burun, and the Eastern Cape – Teshkli-Burun. You can see on the map that these four capes form a foot.

A steep path leads to the peak of Mangup. There are two perennial streams on both sides which do not intersect with each other: Male and Female, two sources “yin” and “yan”, both differ in taste, and water from the source “yin” is rich in silver. You have to expend much energy to get to the top, however many attractions are waiting for you there. You will see the donjon portal, the gates leading to the citadel, the very citadel, the foundation of different buildings, dilapidated defenses dating back to the XIII-XVI centuries. The city named Feodoro existed there those times. It was a Christian capital, then a Turkish fortress. The city often suffered invasions because it was a center of political intestine strives. From the top you will see an unsurpassed spaciousness of the forests and water mirror-like surface of the lake.

The lake at Mangup is also famous for its history. Long ago there was an ancient city and a basilica (a basilica – tsar’s house). In 1995 the remains have been discovered. They were revealed and numbered, so that they could be seen at the lake.

In the mirror-like surface of the lake you can see Mangup reflection, and next to it there is the best place for a picnic. There are special tables and sheds; and a smell of a field kitchen reaches long distances. This place fascinates and charms, so we advise you not to miss an opportunity to spend some part of your holidays in Crimea here, near the campfire with friends at the lake bank.