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Crimean excursions

Travelling to the ‘Lost World’

(Sea voyage along Balaklava, the Fiolent cape).

Excursion route:

Miskhor – Simeiz – Laspi - Balaklava – the Fiolent cape – returning back.

Type of excursion:

country trip, combined: automobile/cutter/walking tour.


6 hours in total; 2:30 of them is a sea voyage by cutter.


- You will need a swimming suit, a headwear, and a camera.
- You will have to observe the safety rules.

Thanks to the nature peculiarities of the peninsula the vacations in Crimea is characterized by its diversity and originality. Compare, for example, vacations in Yalta and in Sudak, or in Koktebel. These are different worlds.

Balaklava (a ‘fish nest’ from the Turkish language) is situated in the South-West part of Crimea 15 km (9 miles) away from Sevastopol. The excursion route start begins in the unique nature place of the Crimean peninsula which is well-known all over the world as an ancient city and the only secret naval base of submarines of the USSR (today this is an underground museum of submarines) in the Balaklava bay.

For a very long time this place was secret as a strategic important military territory (Object 825), and was not included into any map of the world. The bay is considered to be one of the quietest bays in the world. The half-destroyed castle Chembalo is towering above the bay which is a mute witness of Geeks, Romans, Genovese, Byzantians, and Turks who lived there. Gomer’s ‘Odisseya’ describes a settlement which is very similar to Balaklava. The water area of the bay hides secrets of the ship ‘Black Prince’ which sank during the Crimean war. There are evidences that there was much gold on board which has not been found yet. If you travel within an excursion group then you will probably be invited to have a sea voyage to the Fiolent cape.

The Fiolent cape is a natural reserve of igneous rocks near the sea coast of the jasper beach. The name ‘Fiolent’ is translated from Greek as a ‘god’s country’, and it is not in vain: in 891 the St. George monastery has been found, and a huge crest has been mounted on the rock in the sea in front of the coast. 800 stairs lead to the monastery down to the sea along a very steep sheer slope. This route is rather difficult; so many excursion groups are being delivered there by a cutter. A charming romance of the local beauty attracted many writers to visit these places who left their essays about these places. I.Kuprin, Lesya Ukrainka, and V.Vishnevetsky are among them.

We invite you to have this unforgettable excursion in Crimea to Balaklava and the Fiolent cape!