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Vacations in Crimea with children

Children’s menu

Successful vacations in Crimea with children are impossible without a proper and balanced nutrition. Alexandria Hotel team has developed a special children’s menu considering the needs of the rising bodies. Useful dietary dishes for children are cooked by cooks at Alexandria Hotel in such a way that a young guest could eat with gusto.

NameYield, gr
Vegetable Salad “Chipollino”
(cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet pepper, vegetable oil)
Fruit Salad “Hubba-Bubba”
(kiwi, apples, fresh pineapple, honey)
Soup with Meatballs “Hello from Shrek”
(green peas, chicken big meatballs)
Steamed Chicken Cutlet “Magical Box”150/50
Rabbit Meat Rissoles “Meat Transformers”150/50
Fish Cakes “Happy Nemo”150/50
Rabbit Meat Dumplings200/50
(coloured pasta)
Fried Potatoes “Antoshka”150
Mashed Potatoes150