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A training gym

A great shape and a good way one feels are an integral part of a health standard. For a modern person an exercise room is one of the ways to have an elegant and relief figure and muscles, as well as to become more confident, to develop the willpower, motivation and endurance. A training gym in the hotel is a perfect opportunity to combine business with pleasure, so we suggest our guests all the necessary equipment to have a nice shape that everyone would love.

The gym in the Alexandria Hotel is furnished with main top-quality gymnasium equipment of the leading world brands so that you could easily vary cardiological load and weightlifting workout routines.

Cardiological or aerobic load, namely, running, race walking, and riding a bicycle, contribute to cardiological regulation in the body and to losing mass and comfortable training settings will be provided by our exercise bicycle, a treadmill, and an elliptical cross trainer (orbitrek).

Bodybuilding routines model a beautiful body. There is a whole range of sports devices to train different groups of muscles:

  • A bench with weights can strengthen abdominal, pectoral and back muscles, as well as triceps and biceps;
  • A power cage for squatting with weights from 1.5 to 25 kg with straight and W-shape Olympic barbells;
  • A machine to isolate your glute muscles to sculpt a toned posterior;
  • An abs board helps with hard workout at your abdominal muscles;
  • A horizontal hyper extension back machine is the most effective way to strengthen the small of the back;
  • A Scott bench perfectly fits a full-fledged workout with weights and maximum concentration on biceps;
  • A wide range of dumbbells and weights.
  • An individual schedule to visit the sport gymnasium at the Alexandria Hotel provides comfy holidays at the hotel, because our gym is free to be visited any time you want. A mirror helps to control the training process and reach your own records in sport. A TV-set creates the fine mood, and the music makes the needed dynamics to perform your exercises.

    Such a supply of energy creates a positive vitality for the whole day, and thus your vacations in Crimea will not only be pleasant but also useful!