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Crimean excursions

Sacred Places of Sevastopol

Excursion route:

Miskhor – Alupka – Simeiz – Katsiveli - Inkerman – the central city Burial Vault of four Admirals – the Center – the George Monastery – returning back.

Type of excursion:

automobile and walking tour, country trip, 2 km walking.


8 hours: 1 hour for the Inkerman Monastery; 30 min for the St.Vladimir’s Cathedral; 1 hour for the George Monastery, 1 hour for an excursion over the city, and 1 hour for dinner.


- apparel suitable for visiting monasteries;
- a bottle for water, a camera;
- a headwear, and some water.

Having decided to spend your vacations in Crimea it is just impossible to pass over Sevastopol. This is the city of a history glory, a center of Christianity in Rus. This is on this earth where Duke Vladimir has taken christening. This is a real duty for every orthodox believer to honor these sacred places within the program ‘Excursions in Crimea’.

Inkerman is an ancient settlement which appeared in the VI century on the Monastery cliff. The mountain beds attract attention with their unusual stratification. It is interesting how stone can create such unusually beautiful forms. Inkerman stone was widely used in building (for instance, in Livadia palace). Even more fascinating spectacle is a Monastery of the Holy Kliment being cut off in the cliff (the cave). It was founded by one of the ancient preachers of Christianity in Rome and in the Crimea St.Kliment. The Church has survived several stages: in 1475 it was captured by Byzantines (the stage of a Monastery decline); the Renaissance epoch started when the Crimea joined Russia in 1850. During the Crimean War the cathedral was used as a powder magazine. Today the Inkerman Monastery is one of the most important Crimean monasteries.

The St.Vladimir’s Cathedral in Sevastopol is a monumental memorial which fits into the architecture appearance of Sevastopol very well. Its cupolas can be well seen from everywhere, because the place of the cathedral’s location is a topographic center of the city. Initially (in 1825) it was founded on the ruins of the ancient city Chersonese according to the project of Greig in honor of the Duke Vladimir, the Rus Baptist. In 1854 the cathedral began to be built according to the new project by Konstantin Thon in the center of the city. The Crimean War interrupted the building, however in several years under the leadership of an architect Aleksey Avdeev the building has been begun again, and it had a new ideological sense, because motherland heroes of 1854-1855 appeared then, so it also became a burial vault of four admirals.

The George Monastery is the most ancient cathedral of Taurida which has been constructed by Greek navigators in 890 not far from the Fiolent hoe in honor of their rescue after the shipwreck. The liturgies take place here even today. There is a spring and several fonts on the territory where any person can plunge into. The steepest stairs in Crimea being built in 1891 consist of 890 stairs and lead to the coast.

You have a unique chance to visit these sacred places acting the main part to form the priesthood in Rus, and so your vacations in Crimea can become not only pleasant but also very useful!