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Crimean excursions

Legendary Sevastopol

Excursion route:

Miskhor – Alupka – Simeiz – along the Yuzhnoberezhnoe highway – the ‘Sapun Mountain’ – Sevastopol center – Chersonese – the Panorama – returning back.

Type of excursion:

automobile and walking tour, country trip.


9 hours (2 hours for a walking tour).


- comfortable shoes or sneakers;
- a headwear, and some water:
- free time for individual walking along the city.

Active vacations in Crimea will give you an opportunity to open up the unknown parts of this land as well as its historic heritage and national property of our country

The first point on our route will be the Sapun Mountain. This is a museum of defense and liberation of Sevastopol and Crimea. The atmosphere of heroic fame is combined with unusually beautiful nature here. Along the picturesque Glory Avenue through the historic-memorial park you will be able to get to the evidences of the heroic defense and liberation of Sevastopol in 1944. There is an exposition of Soviet and German battle equipment. There is a whole Memorial Complex of motherland defense: the Diorama (painting battalion to the heroic deeds of Soviet soldiers against fascists’ aggressors), the eternal flame, the monument to memorize soviet soldier-liberators’ glory, and the cathedral-chapel to memorize the warriors.

One of the most famous in the whole world ancient cities of Crimea is Taurida Chersonese which is included into a hundred of the most prominent monuments of the world culture UNESCO. The ancient city is in the Sevastopol region, was founded in 422-421 BC by ancient colonists. It is a witness of many historic events and s participant of Rome and Greek history. In the 2nd century AC Chersonese lost its independence and was a part of the Bospor kingdom under the reign of Mitrid who was defeated in a battle with Iulius Caesar. This is in this battle where the Caesar’s well-known expression appeared: “Arrived, saw, won” (Veni, vidi, vici). Nestor Letopisets in his ‘Novel of Temporal Years’ notices Chersonese or Korsun as an outstanding place of Rus Christening by Duke Vladimir in 988. There is a wonderful Vladimir’s Cathedral on the place of the ancient Nativity of the Virgin Mary Basilica.

This excursion covers a rather wide spectrum of Crimean sightseeing. You will get from the resort capital to the historic-cultural center and a big marine port of Crimea. You will have a chance to have an individual walk along the cultural center of Sevastopol. It is also possible to visit these places with the excursion; however Sevastopol and its historic sacred places (Chersonese ruins) are rather big cities with many interesting places, so we advise you to pay more attention to them taking separate excursions in Crimea!