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Holidays in Crimea

Crimean nature

Not without reason Crimea is called to be “the world in miniature” because its nature is so unusual and diverse. Only in Crimea you can find a combination of flat mountain tops – “yaila” with cold and very wet air, and in several kilometers warm coasts of the Black Sea with its sandy and pebble beaches.

The system of the Crimean Mountains with the length of 160 kilometers (99.42 miles) stretches from Balaklava to Feodosiya. It creates the most unique natural phenomenon of the Crimean Peninsula: a climate close to the Mediterranean one. This mountain system protects the Southern Crimean Coast from cold winds letting the summer sun warm up the air and the sea water very well.

The Crimean Mountains is a real paradise for those who love active recreation in Crimea, those who wish to open up many new tropes with rivers, waterfalls, with mountain tops, valleys and gorges, covered with forests and reserved plants.

Katsiveli nature

The village Katsiveli is also situated on the Southern Crimean Coast hidden from the flat peninsula by a ridge of the Crimean Mountains. Correspondingly, the climate here is subtropical. The average air temperature in summer in July-August during the day is about 24°С (297.15 K), during the night – about 20°С (293.15 K). The temperature of water in the Black Sea in summer can be warmed up from +22 to +27°С (295.15-300.15 K). It is rainy very seldom in Katsiveli (approximately 5-10 rains a month), and they are scattered showers. Such natural conditions allow opening the summer season in Katsiveli at the beginning of May, and closing at the end of September.

Which sightseeing can be found not far from Katsiveli?

The Diva Rock (“Skala Diva”)

There is an emergent rock on the coast not far from Katsiveli which reminds a girl with flowing hair lying at the sea. This is why the rock has a name “Diva” – “a girl”. There is also a very poetic Crimean legend connected with this rock…

The Biyuk-Isar Rock

The name of this rock in the Crimean Tatar language means “a big castle”. And it is notable because its top is flat, where a settlement “Kikineiz” with a castle and a church was situated in the X-XIII centuries. The ruins of these buildings attract many tourists nowadays. On the western slope of the rock there is a cave.

Going on the excursion to the mountains, do not forget to take warm apparel with you, as far as even during the hottest days the difference of temperatures on the coast and in the mountains can be significant.

The Mountain Cat (“Gora Koshka”)

The name of the mountain came from the Turkic language “Kosh-Kaia” (“double mountain”). But later citizens who spoke Russian have seen in the contours of the mountain a cat (“koshka”) lying at the sea. The Mountain Cat is a subject of legends connected with it. And from 1984 it has been raised to a mountain of a state importance. Because many species of plants growing there are in the Red Book: butcher's-broom (Ruscus aculeatus), rockrose (Cistus), Austrian pine (Pinus nigra), juniper (Juniperus excelsa), pistachio trees (Pistácia), strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo), Cistus thymifolius.

However this miracle of nature – the Mountain Cat – can be very well seen right from the windows of the one-room apartments, as well as from two-room VIP apartments with a hot whirlpool of our Alexandria Hotel in Yalta, Crimea. But there is one condition: hurry up and order one of the apartments as soon as possible filling in the online booking form!