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Crimean excursions

Crimean Laser Observatory (CLO)

Excursion route:

Katsiveli – the Blue Bay (the Old Sevastopol Highway) – returning back.

Type of excursion:

country trip, automobile and walking tour (bus/car).


1 hour excursion.


- Group (or individual within a group of 10 people);
- Comfortable apparel and a camera.

The nature in Crimea is so unique that it creates all preconditions not only to have vacations in Crimea but also to conduct a scientific research here. A sky of stars, a mystery of other celestial bodies and galaxies existence always arouse people’s huge interest. If you have such an interest then you are just in the right place, because Katsiveli and other settlements next to it are in the background of the first astronomic discoveries.

During the excursion to the Crimean Laser Observatory ‘Blue Bay’ you will be able to see different installations of gigantic sizes, you will watch the sky of stars, the nebulae, the far planets, and you will see the Moon. At the end of the trip you will see the pictures of significant discoveries being held there. Not many people know that this is here where the first picture of the back side of the Moon has been made. Saturn’s rings have been researched there. The stars cloud of ‘Berenice's Hair’ was studied there. In 30th of the XX century a powerful photoheliograph has been installed, which helped to get the Sun’s pictures, and after that the CLO has become a member of the international program ‘Sun Service’. In 1947 the observatory scientists have made the first picture of the galaxy center. There is also a fact that the CLO has got the right of a small planets discoverer.

Add up a note of mystics to your vacations in Yalta!