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Crimea, Big Yalta, Katsiveli, Shuleikina str., 2zh
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Restaurant Menu

Cold starters menu in Aleksandria restaurant

Cold starters menu
Name of DishPortion, gr Price ,RUB*
Assorted vegetables with greens
(tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, celery, sweet red onion, greens)
Salted herring with baked potato and sweet red onion100/100240
Salted salmon on the toasts
(salted salmon with lemon sauce on the toasts with butter)
Red caviar with green onion on the buttered toasts50/30/40667
Appetizer for wine and whiskey
(smoked pork fillet, smoked cheese, Dor Blue cheese, grapes, apples, chocolate, almonds)
Appetizer for beer
(sausage made from horsemeat, smoked pork ears, deep-fried squid, french fries)
Assorted cheese with walnuts, grapes and raspberry sauce
(assorted cheese: Dor Blue, Camembert, Parmesan, smoked cheese, walnuts, grapes)