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Crimea, Big Yalta, Katsiveli, Shuleikina str., 2zh
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The Hotel of Crimea with a swimming pool

Mini hotels of Crimea with swimming pools proposing comfortable apartmts for vacations arouse special interest lately. Unlike multi-storey and noisy housing here one can feel a family home and comfort. As a rule, hotels of such type have better service, the prices for the apartmts are lower, though the level of comfort is similar to the most expsive hotels of Crimea with swimming pools.

Tding to improve the level of service many mini hotels have become to equip the recreation territory with swimming pools. The family Alexandria Hotel situated in a quiet picturesque settlemt Katsiveli not far from Simeiz suggests outdoor and indoor swimming pools for the guests. The outdoor swimming pool is situated on the territory of the hotel among the multiple verdures, palms, and flowers right next to the restaurant and is served by waiters. The recreation zone next to the swimming pool is equipped with beach chairs and sunshades. The very swimming pool is separated into two areas: the area for childr (60 cm depth) and the area for adults (140 cm depth). The swimming pool is also equipped with a fountain bowl, a countercurrt creating an artificial flow, and a waterfall having a good massage effect for a neck, shoulders and upper back. In the night time the swimming pool, as well as pressure decorative fountains, is a decoration of the territory of the Alexandria Hotel because of its halog and light-emitting diode lighting. The outdoor summer terraces over the swimming pool will be a perfect place to organize romantic parties and differt celebrations.

The deep indoor heated swimming pool of the Alexandria Hotel is included into the SPA cter complex. It is possible to swim and do some aqua aerobics here all year long, because water is able to recondition man’s body and influce positively the mood of a person. This is the best place where you can teach your child not to be afraid of water. Swimming can do a lot of good for a child’s physical developmt and bring much pleasure. There are life jackets and life buoys available for your happy rest in the swimming pool. The recreation zone here is equipped with dressing cubicles with individual showers and toilets, towels, slippers and rubber bathing caps. The maximal comfort to all the visitors is provided by warm floors and perfect vtilation.

Wh planning your vacations on the southern pinsular coast for the whole family, choose the best hotels of Crimea with swimming pools. And one of them is the Alexandria Hotel. It will provide bright and unforgettable vacations!