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Apparatus cosmetology

Alexandria Hotel offers a wide range of SPA-services: a classic manual massage, an apparatus massage, packs, procedures for face cosmetology.

We present you an innovative technology in body aesthetics. For the first time in Crimea in the Alexandria Hotel there is a new improved LPG apparatus called Icoone. A vacuum-roller massage is a procedure of your wonderful transformations.

  • Do you want to wear clothing two sizes less?
  • Do you dream of getting rid of cellulite?
  • Do you want to have a slim and fit figure?
  • Would you like to feel confidence and good spirits?

You can try this unique patented Roboderm technology developed by Italian experts. Right after the one visit you will feel the effect and result of this SPA treatment, as well as get new incomparable feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, health betterment for your body shape. Your goals can easily be reached with the XXII century Icoone technology.

This vacuum-roller appliance is optimal for non-surgical bogy and face corrections. It has shown itself to great advantages on the cosmetology market and exceeds the famous LPG in many characteristics.

Icoone differs from its predecessors having terrific results and no contraindications in comparison to the LPG apparatus. The influence is reached with special rollers-manipules touching a small part of epidermis when moving and making soft but effective massage. Thanks to the influence of microalveoli, which form manipules, the oxygen inflow to the tissues is increased, the blood and lymph circulation between hypodermic tissues and epidermis is refined. The body is being cleared of chemical waste, the metabolism is being improved, fat is being burned, the body is being rejuvenated, the skin becomes smooth and velvety. When using the Icoone contrivance massage in cosmetology the collagen production is stimulated, the wrinkles are being smoothed away, the tone and tonus of the face is being improved.

The process of such anti-cellulite massage in Yalta is made in a special costume. It can be bought in the Alexandria Hotel’s SPA center before the first day of such course and can be used later on.

Icoone is able to cure even the latest stage of cellulite, moreover the effect will be noticed right after the second procedure.

The action of this apparatus massage is so painless, pleasant, effective that it is often included as a part of SPA procedures program. All the guests, who tried the apparatus massage service at least once, note the improvement of their body and face skin, the turgor increase, the body mass reduction.

The courses of Icoone SPA treatments are recommended for people suffering skin elasticity loss, deposition of fat in problematic zones, hands inner surface sagging, cellulite on any stage, breast stretches, for those who need face and neck lifting.

Our specialist will give an advice on an optimum séance frequency after seeing the state of the patient. The suggested course of anti-cellulite massage is 3-4 séances per week with length of 30-60 minutes. For more intensive influence daily visits are possible if you feel well. When the course is over it is recommended to have one supportive séance every 1-2 weeks.

These are some examples of the most popular procedures on the Icoone appliance:

“Beauty” (50 minutes length) improves subcutaneous drain, corrects figure, increases skin tonus, and decreases weight. The figure becomes slimmer in 5 séances.

“Lightness” (20 minutes) stimulates blood circulation.

The purpose of the “Weight Loss” Program (50 minutes) is to reduce the fat subcutis and to restore the tissues tonus. After having 5 procedures the patients note the body-built improvements and the body mass decrease.

As a faces therapy we suggest such programs:

“Freshness” (30 minutes) is directed to arouse the drain in the orbital region, face and neck. After 3-4 séances the integument gets healthy color and soft shining.

“Natural Lifting” (1 hour) makes the skin firm and elastic, the bust, forehead, orbital region and mouth primary forms are being restored. The skin becomes lifted.

“Renewal” (10 minutes length) activates tissues regeneration. The success will be seen in 5 procedures.

The southern coast of our peninsular is rich in natural factors letting you enjoy calmness, comfort, beauty of the environment, build your health, get rid of the accumulated stress. When choosing the place to stay where you can find different SPA procedures in Crimea pay your attention to the Alexandria Hotel in Katsiveli.

More information about Apparatus Cosmetology can be found on official Icoone website.