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Crimean excursions

On the ancient ways of mankind

(Devil’s Stairs Pass (“Chertova Lestnitsa”) and Foros Church)

Excursion route:

Miskhor – Alupka – Simeiz – Opolznevoe village – the Shaitan-Merdeven Pass – the Foros Church – returning back.

Type of excursion:

country walk, bus and walking tour – 80 kilometers (= 55.3 miles) on foot along the plateau up to the Foros Church.


5-6 hours, 3 hours of them are on foot.


  • comfortable sporting shoes;
  • comfortable sporting apparel and a headwear, women should take headscarves or kerchiefs;
  • a bottle of water, and a camera.

Shitan-Merdeven or Devil’s Stairs (“Chertova Lestnitsa”) is an ancient way where Roman troops climbed. The road has been built for pack animals and two-wheel trolleys. The Devil’s Stairs consist of stony flights of stairs with the length from 5 to 23 meters turning around 90-160 degrees against each other. In fact, the slope of this way is 40 degrees, and such a position of flights decreases the incline.

The most interesting fact is that the Shaitan-Merdven Pass has a natural origin; later people have just corrected it a bit.

The excursion is finished with visiting the Foros Church which is a unique monument of architecture.