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Crimea, Big Yalta, Katsiveli, Shuleikina str., 2zh
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Restaurant Menu

Meat Dishes menu in Aleksandria restaurant

Meat Dishes menu
Name of dishPortion, gr Price ,RUB*
Chicken fillet with grilled zucchini and truffle sauce110/40/70356
Pork tenderloin medallion with mushroom sauce and potato gratin150/100/50423
Crimean veal steak with baked potatoes and blue cheese sauce180/100/30595
Meat cutlets
(served with mashed potatoes and pickles)
Pork stew in clay pot500428
Grilled Crimean lamb ribs
(served with pomegranate sauce and vegetable ratatouille)
Sauteed pork and vegetables
(served on the pan)
Sauteed veal and vegetables
(served on the pan)
Sauteed lamb and vegetables
(served on the pan)
Grilled minced Crimean lamb with Caucasian sauce and pita bread200/50/30467
Chicken Tabaka
(served with vegetables and Caucasian sauce)
Duck fillet with apple risotto and red wine sauce150/130/25515
Pen-fried quails with sweet corn and saffron milk cap mushrooms240/70540